Brad A Schenck

Digital Strategy for me is all about engagement and positive change in the world. Many still approach the internet as an online billboard or TV channel. But I carry the motto, once a community organizer, always a community organizer. Which means viewing the internet as the largest community organizing platform every created. It’s about digital engagement which means engagement media and not just broadcast media. 

Whether approaching a new piece of content, a tactical online tool, or a campaign that is online and offline I think about the people. The people to be impacted, to be engaged, to be mobilized, and to be the actors in their own story of change. Whether, thinking about building an organization’s digital program, supporting a stand alone action, or thinking through tools and communications to scale a movement, it is always about creating a system for net positive change. A system for net positive change is one where you think about training people in the process, building more resilience with digital systems and the people who use them, and spreading as much knowledge and empowerment as possible. 

Currently, between I work with a range of issue based and political organizations to drive this kind of change. Day to day I work as the Digital Engagement Director for a global organization taking on some of biggest issues at the intersection of the Environment and Human rights. 

As a consultant I work with range of groups taking on different sized digital projects.

  • Coaching organizations as they revamp or launch a new digital department.
  • Supporting and consulting for organizations’ special projects. From giving the counsel, to pulling together a team to execute websites and other discrete projects. 
  • Often I join a team not in the traditional consultant sense but I integrate and help them determine problem and solution. Then stay on a project until completion. 

Before joining the RAN team and setting up shop as a Digital Strategy consultant I worked for President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns. There I pushed on the forefront of the use of and training for digital technology and community organizing. I helped develop a 50 state digital network producing content and driving local action in every state. After the election I was part of a handful of folks transitioning the technology to Organizing for Action. I stayed with the latest version of OFA as Digital Strategist driving programs focusing on Immigration Reform and Gun Violence Reform while working with teams across the organization to drive engagement, messaging, and community organizing. 

Between launching Organizing for Action and the 2012 election I oversaw the National Day of Service digital presence, a day honoring Dr. Martin Luther King and celebrating active service in every state that with the message of service running all day on tradional media outlets and trending across social media. 

Over the years I have consulted or drafted hundreds of digital plans. Both driving the creation of plans, collaborating in coalition planning, and giving advice and counsel to countless organizations. From driving the rebuild of’s digital department; consulting to Credo’s SuperPAC; advising community engagement projects for MSNBC; counseling Congressional and Senate races for the Democratic National Committee; to driving a community organizing model approach to digital engagement with the Obama campaign, my passion is pushing a human centered and metrics driven approach to the digital world. 



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