“Brown is the New White” is a must read

If you work in politics “Brown is the New White” by Steve Phillips is a must read.  If you donate to political organizations you should also consider this a must. If you are at all interested in politics beyond the soundbites then is a should read bordering on a must read. It will make you smarter, better informed, and elevate your discussion around politics.


Having seen elections from a number of vantage points like inside of the DNC, inside of a SuperPAC, and Obama 2012 I can tell you this book is spot on. During the 2010 midterms as a newcomer to national politics I couldn’t believe what I watched and consulted against. As a regional new media desk at the DNC in 2010 I tried to counter the idea that to win Representatives, Governors, and Senators need to appeal to middle of the road and independent whites to win.

    I started 2010 in South Florida trying my best to advocate to bring in more staff to get the based turned out for a mid-term for a number of candidates most of  the state was otherwise uninterested in. More than once I was told I was wrong, the path and the area staffed to victory was the swing area of the I-4 corridor. That year Marco Rubio took a seat in the Senate and one of the most disastrous Governors Rick Scott took and still holds office.

    But I also had the good fortune of working to support Senator Bennet in Colorado that cycle. One of the few winning Senate races that cycle. He stood strong on his support of Obamacare and rallied the Obama coalition of voters to stay involved in the election.

    If you are working in politics you should pick up this book and figure out how the races you work on turn out more like Colorado and less like Florida of 2010.