I work with teams and organizations large and small to create and implement Digital Strategy that is human centered and metrics driven. Below is a sampling of the kinds of projects I typically consult on but feel free to use the Get Connected page to contact about other projects. 

Digital STrategy for Organizations

Digital Strategy for an organization can take on many forms but typically includes some of the following.

  • Analysis of current digital programs.
  • Collaboratively planning and designing a practical and functional plan.
  • Working with teams through plan analysis, planning, and implementation phases. 


Very similar to organizational planning but typically cutting out the in-depth research. Often I will bring in a team of seasoned agents to help an organization execute a 4-8 week project. Projects could be anything from big launch or day of action to developing plans around discrete projects like online advertising, video, 


In all that I do I try to impart knowledge with working with others. Programs can take on a wide range but here are a few examples.

  • Training for existing staff to adapt digital skills like social media, blogging, email writing, etc. to current skill set.
  • Developing a training program to help supporters be better digital advocates through online resources and webinars. 
  • Building the skills of junior digital staff to be more savvy digital strategist.


Whether you need a name or a complete identity I'm here to help. Having worked on launching branding and creative for dozens of projects I'm here to help walk you through it or bring in a team and execute it.

  • Naming a new service to program.
  • Creating a complete brand with graphic assets.